Self Standing Folding Cane


The Ingenious Walking Cane That Helps You to Walk More Upright!

A revolutionary ergonomic grip handle, helps you walk more upright and improves your line of sight which helps to maintain balance and mobility, let you walk confidently and feel more secure when walking on uneven surfaces, making it easier to stand from a seated position.

STURDY AND SAFETY This folding cane has an anodized aluminum body that provides maximum safety and a rubber tip at the bottom with some traction so that the cane does not slip in if you are on wet pavement.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG The Posture Cane is lightweight and sturdy that makes it easy to carry with you. Made with high-quality material, this innovative mobility device is designed to serve you for years to come.

10 DIFFERENT HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTS 10 different height adjustments to customize the fit.

Stand-up Self-standing for easy reach, stable tip with 360-degree traction rings.

COMFORTABLE TO WALK The revolutionary ergonomic grip handle design eliminates downward pressure, making it more comfortable for the shoulder and wrist when you’re walking.

Feel more independent as this cane also helps you easily get up and out of chairs.

WALK UPRIGHT AND CHANGE YOUR LINE OF SIGHT It helps look forward instead of down changing your line of sight, which helps balance and mobility.

It takes the pressure off your shoulder and wrist, supports the strength of your body to help you move easier and feel more confident when walking.

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