Non-contact Infrared thermometer with stand holder

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Staying indoors is the safest way to protect your family away from the dangers of germs & bacteria. But do not deprive yourself of the healthcare that you can afford.



  • Digital Color: Includes LCD display with back-light, convenient to read at night and will auto adjust under bright light conditions as well

  • Fever Alarm: Beeping alarm will go off automatically when a person's temperature reads above normal body temperatures

  • Accurate Measurement: This updated thermometer version uses infrared lights for accurate temperature measurement and instant readings.

  • Energy Saver Mode: Standby mode will activate when thermometer is not in use, making it energy efficient and long lasting

  • Instant Scan & Results: Quick and accurate temperature measurement readings at 1 second per scan



 Get the most helpful medical device for your home, office, or any establishment. Any infection starts with a fever. Monitoring people's temperature is one of the best ways to check their condition for early treatment and recovery. 

This Wall Mounted Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer is the most advanced way to detect fever and your most helpful partner at home, office, and other establishments. A must-have for all to make sure temperature is monitored and the necessary treatment can be done accurately


  • Max Measuring Temperature: 49°C & Under

  • Theory: Infrared Thermometer

  • Display Type: DIGITAL

  • Style: Wall-mount

  • Material: Plastic


  • 1 x Non-Contact Infrared Temperature

  • 1 x Stand Holder