Home Pulley Cable Machine System


Let's admit it, we all hate having to leave our home to get to the gym. Our exclusive pulley door gym is one of the best home gym equipment additions for strength training. You'll never have an excuse to workout your muscles with your new home gym.


The range of capabilities for our home workout equipment enables you to tone muscles, burn fat, and get all-around stronger. Get all the home gym essentials in one package. Also, this cable machine is easily more portable and practical than a home gym machine.

Using 4mm thick steel cable, the home work out equipment can hold up to 132lbs/60kg. So you can push yourself to your limits to shed fat and shred muscle! Attach the added Pull Down straps of the home gym to hit triceps, abs, and legs. Or use the home gym's Pull Handles to workout your biceps, back, and shoulders.

Strap in the iron and get a full-body workout all from home! The 360-degree swiveling pulley enables your home workout equipment to train all your muscles from any angle.

Traditional home gym machines cost a fortune and need constant maintenance. Now we can make sure you never miss a gym session.


HEAVY DUTY DURABILITY: We want to promote healthy living for all. Keeping you worry free about door gym means you'll stay active. That's why all our materials are long lasting and go through extensive quality control.

 FIRM GRIPS: Push yourself to the max! Have confident control in every pull and push with this portable gym machine and hit new PR's!

- WORKOUT ANYWHERE: Where ever you have weights such as plates or water jugs and an anchor point, you have home exercise equipment. Travel knowing you don't have to miss days off from a hard workout or physical therapy session.


  • Pulley Material: Steel

  • Cable Material: Steel

  • Weight Capacity: 132lbs/60kg

  • Cable Length: 2 meters

  • Cable Added Durability with PVC Coating


Package Contents

1x Mute Steel Pulley
1x Steel Cable
3 x Carabiner
1x Heavy Duty Loading Strap
1x Double Layer Lanyard
1x Heavy Duty Handle
1x Tricep Strap


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