Fishing line spooler

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This is a MUST HAVE for any Fisherman’s Fishing Kit, Beginner or Pro!

Sick of wasting fishing time running new line on your reel?

The Ultimate Speed Spooler is a revolution in fishing, allowing you to spool your lines fast and hassle-free every time.

Spooling fishing line into your brand new reel can be difficult and you need someone to help you to tension the spool for you to get the perfect spooling.

This device is built just like a rod, and instead of guides, the Fishing Line Spooler comes with a 90 degree curved tip with the freely spinning clamp setup meant to hold spool of line at a desired tension. The clamp can stay fix for applying tension on the line for baicaster reel or spin freely for spinning reel to prevent twist on your line.

Using a Spinning Reel?

The Fishing Line Speed Spooler uses a patented rotating carriage to automatically eliminate line twists by turning the line spool as the line is transferred to the spinning reel.

Using a Bait Caster Reel?

The patented spinning action is automatically stopped for spooling onto a bait caster.

The Fishing Reel Line Speed Spooler is:

  • Suitable for both spinning reels and bait casting reels.
  • Ball bearing pulleys
  • High strength graphite frame, can be easily disassembled.
  • Easiest adjust the line’s tightness – zero line twist.
  • Easiest way to spool fishing line by yourself.
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to remove and install.
  • Can accept up to 65mm/2.6 inch


  1. Place your reel onto the reel seat and tighten to secure it’s position.
  2. Install the 90 degree rod.
  3. Clamp both side of your spool of line onto the ball joint.
  4. Adjust the clamp tension.
  5. Open the bail of your reel, pull the line and tie a knot on your reel’s spool.
  6. Tighten your fishing reel’s drag for better tension and spool up your reel to desired amount of fishing line.